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Mysterious Photo
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At the beginning of February 2011 a viewer of ''The Richplanet Starship'' contacted me about an image he was sent in the post. The document, a single piece of A4 paper, was sent anonymously and had a Nottingham post mark on the envelope. The viewer in question has had an active interest in the UFO subject for many years and does have contacts in this field, so this could be the reason why it was sent to him.

We would like to hear from anyone who can shed light on any aspect of it. Do you recognise the code numbers or the signature?

Please get in touch with is if you can shed any light on this image.

Analysis sent to Richplanet by viewer ... I suspect this analysis is correct.

Regarding the anonymous “UFO” photo on your website. Sorry to say this but I believe it’s an obvious fake. I say this because:

1. The terrain is not consistent with a location in “North Wales”. It looks more like the USA, South America or northern Asia (Mongolia or China). The large flat plain with mountains in the background suggests this. The terrain in the foreground looks dry, crazed and cracked suggesting semi-desert. Hardly north Wales.

2. The reference numbers on the document are not consistent with any British government or military system. Official documents always start with the Department (i.e. MOD) followed by the station (Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool etc). Each station has its own reference number. The next number in the sequence would be the section and in all likelihood would be a letter or letters followed by a number (i.e. DS8 Nick Pope’s old section). The last numbers would relate to a file number. This system has been in operation since Noah was a lad and was certainly the case when I worked in the civil service in the mid seventies. This system is used so that any document’s originator can easily be found.

3. The type written message at the bottom is too old. It is clearly done on grannies old typewriter by someone who has gone overboard to make the document look old. The signature is deliberately eligible and no army officer would ever just put his rank without his name. This is standard military practice and any document would have the sender’s rank and name clearly written so that there is no doubt as to its origin. It would also have the officer’s current post written underneath. For example:

Lt Col. Richard D. Hall
Adjutant, 2nd Battalion Geordie Fusiliers

4. In 1996 we were still using film in cameras. The photo appears to be digital and looks like a Photoshop job. Also, the dimensions are in metres. In 1996 the dimensions would have been expressed by the military in feet not metres. The time stamp is also suspicious. If the document were military the time of 12.00 would be suffixed by an L or a Z. The letter L denotes local time and Z denotes Zero time or Greenwich Mean Time. All military times are expressed like this to avoid confusion.

To sum up. In my opinion the document is a hoax presumably done by someone who knows the recipient and his interest in UFOs. It is most likely a Photoshop job with background and images taken from the Internet. The finishing touches were done to make the document look older and more authentic but were done in such a clumsy way that they merely give away the document’s true origin.

More comments from another viewer ...
About this scan you posted. I screenshot it and zoomed it. It has loads of flaws, for one, it looks like it was plopped into the image. look at the SOLID outlining of the shading of the draw-bridge? and it has a leveling prop on the far left side - almost hidden.

I think it may be a load of bollox :)

for 1 it has no perspective..

look at the original image, I LOOKS like it wasn't too far away..

maybe 50 feet? 100 feet? ..It looks about 1.5mtrs tall, even with the mountains in the background.. bt they are faded away = very far away.

this thing has a missing underside + the door is tiny.

unless these things are 1 foot tall, I think its shite... what you think?


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