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RP Newsletter
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August/September 2010 Newsletter

9/11 Analysis creating waves
Earlier this month I released video analysis I have carried out on the world trade centre attacks. Having watched Simon Shacks film September Clues, I became very curious about a “ball” which seems to be what causes the impact on the second world trade centre tower. Once I realised that the live TV footage showing a plane hitting a tower (fox News Chopper footage) is a proven fake, it made me wonder what the mysterious ball was in the NBC live footage. I thought that if I calculated its 3D path it might shed light on the matter. You can watch the analysis here.

The 22 minute video analysis has had over 28,000 views from Richplanet website and probably a lot more views from people who have downloaded and re-posted it. It is being discussed on all the main conspiracy forums and notable commentators have been discussing it. Some of the opinions on forums and made by commentators, in my view are clear attempts to obfuscate the facts and avoid discussing the theory objectively or sensibly. This is to be expected when you consider the implications of this analysis.

Having put out this analysis I have received a lot of new information by email. Some of this new information is very important and will allow me to expand on the analysis in a sequel video, in which I intend to address every point raised by sceptics of the theory.

Exopolitics 2010
We attended the Exopolitics 2010 Expo in Leeds on 7th and 8th August. I was lucky enough to get to interview Professor John Searl, who claims to have invented an energy device which can solve the words energy crisis. Although there is as yet no independently verifiable proof that his machine does what he claims, it is certainly worthy of investigation. Having met John and his development engineer Fernando Morris, then listened to their explanation of the device, I certainly could not dismiss any of it and I think they both believe that the design works. Only a scientific test of a fully functional prototype would establish whether the device does work, I got the impression that this may be some way off.

Up Coming Talk
I intend to give a talk in Newcastle Upon Tyne in early October 2010. I will probably present the talks which I gave in Kirkaldy in May on the government cover up of Animal Mutilation, and also repeat the talk I gave at Exopolitics 2010, where I spoke on the media information war. There will be a debate for anyone who wishes to take part where no subject is off the agenda. Details of venue and date will be announced soon on the Richplanet website.

Seal Attacks
There have been a number of cases of mutilated seals, in various parts of the U.K. These attacks have some of the hallmarks of cases described in the film Silent Killers and cannot be explained by predators, fishing nets or boat propellers. An associate or is currently doing a detailed investigation into these cases and we hope to report on this is the near future.

The Richplanet Starship is proving to be popular with viewers with lots of good feedback so far. A number of interesting guests are lined up. We welcome comments and suggestions for future TV shows. A very complimentary article was written about the show here.

Richard D. Hall

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