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July 2010 Newsletter

Exopolitics UK 2010, University of Leeds 7th & 8th AUGUST
The University of Leeds is hosting the 2nd Annual Exopolitics Conference on 7th and 8th August and we would like to see you all there. So what is Exopolitics? ...

“The art or science of government as concerned with creating or influencing policy toward extraterrestrial phenomena and extraterrestrial beings”

Find details of speakers and tickets from this link which gives richplanet subscribers money off the two day passes.

Also appearing at the conference will be John Searl, inventor of the SEG (Searl Electric Generator). This event promises to be a fascinating couple of days.

The Hollie Greig Case
The battle for justice concerning sexual abuse of a down syndrome girl by certain members of the Scottish establishment continues to unravel. The alleged victim and her mother Anne went on holiday in June and came back to find that the police had broken into their house and stolen personal photographs. These photographs were then published on a website shortly afterwards! Both the police and Shropshire Council are alleged to have been involved in this illegal break in. It appears that the quest for justice is being made impossible, because the accused, which include 16 people (including a Scottish judge, social workers and police) are being protected by “the establishment”. One of these “establishment” is the Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini.

In early 2003 Tony Blair ordered a cover up (DA notice) of information (which was leaked by a member of the police to The Sunday Times) discovered by operation Ore. Operation Ore was a British Police investigation into tracing active pedophiles in the UK, triggered by information given to the Police by U.S. law enforcement from a child porn internet website hosted in the U.S. It is believed that Operation Ore linked two serving cabinet ministers to the use of child pornography. The reason for the cover up was because our soldiers who at that time were on their way to invade Iraq, would have been de-motivated if they found out two members of the British cabinet were pedophiles; it was therefore considered a matter of national security, how convenient.

Also, seven years earlier the findings of the Dunblane massacre (Cullen) enquiry were covered up for 100 years (this duration of concealment is unprecedented in a case like this and would normally only be used in matters of national security). It is believed that some of the child victims massacred in the Dunblane class had been victims of establishment child abuse and were beginning to talk to their teacher about it, hence the reason for the planned massacre. The cover up of the Dunblane enquiry again came from the highest levels.

So we have two cases of government covering for alleged pedophile activities in the British establishment, this needs to be borne in mind when considering the Hollie Greig case. A small section of Freemasonry is heavily involved in orchestrating and protecting the pedophile rings that undoubtedly exist in our establishment. It is small wonder then, that because powerful people like Blair continue to try and hide their past misdemeanors, that the Hollie Greig case comes up against a brick wall every time.

I was talking to a person in the media the other day and they told me that a fairly high profile media person (whom I shall not name) was considering helping Anne and Hollie by publiscising their case. After this person looked into the case they came back and said I will not touch that story because it is a Masonic conspiracy! One final thing about Hollie Greig: if anyone states “there is no evidence”, this is not a valid line of argument, and secondly is not true. The point is, she has named and described 16 people who have raped her. Grampian Police have not interviewed nor investigated one of these accused in relation to the allegations. I have spoken to local Police about this case and they tell me they cannot understand why the Grampian Police have not interviewed any of the accused .

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Very concerning and I really do not know what to believe or make of the whole situation. There are so many rumours flying about as to what has actually happened. This story illustrates very clearly, the vast “gulf”, pardon the pun, which now exists between mainstream TV news and what people are saying on blogs and on youtube (some of whom actually live and fish near the affected areas). No journalists are being allowed anywhere near the affected areas, therefore what you see on mainstream news is merely what BP and the government tells them, not what has been gleaned from any investigative journalism.

Edge Media Television
The channel that Richplanet shows have been broadcast on, EMTV (Controversial TV) Sky 200 has recently had some difficulties. They have lost quite a lot of money over the last year and there has been a dispute between its directors. As a result the channel slot was sold and is now not making nor scheduling new shows. This left me in a dilemma because I had produced new shows waiting to be aired. I have since moved my shows to channel 201 (Showcase TV) and this seems to be working out well. who are nothing to do with the government propoganda channels known as ''The BBC'', and are involved in producing some great truth seeking material have also been in talks with Channel 201. They have agreed to supply material to be screened on 201. I have also been in talks with Miles Johnston (UFO Researcher) and Alan Wilson (Historian) who will be supplying me with some excellent material which I intend to broadcast on 201.

Richard D. Hall

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