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RP Newsletter
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June 2010 Newsletter

Worrying Times Ahead
What is going on with our planet? The Gulf of Mexico oil leak disaster seems to have sinister undertones. The world’s media are being prevented from talking to anyone involved in the cleanup operation, exclusion zones are being set up preventing information getting out to the public. It seems there is more to it than is being reported. All this and at the same time our “leaders” seem to have agreed behind closed doors (at the recent Bilderberger meeting) that dropping bombs on Iran is fine by us. Add to this the rumours about the meaning of “Operation Blackjack”, a fictitious story which appeared in the Daily Telegraph a year ago, speaking of a terrorist nuclear strike in London on 22nd June!

A sinister plan, drawn up by the elite to start World War 3, known as “The Anglo Saxon Mission”, was recently uncovered by Bill Ryan of Project Camelot. This alleged plan is eerily similar to the events described in “Operation Blackjack”. I can throw in some other worrying facts: both the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks were accurately described on TV months before they actually took place. 9/11 was acted out on TV 6 months before 9/11 in “The Lone Gunman”. BBC Panorama served up a TV show describing a typical terror scenario 14 months before the 7/7 attacks, which turned out to be almost identical to what actually happened. Is “Operation Blackjack” therefore going to come true? Is this describing the next false flag terror attack 1 year in advance, just as previous attacks seem to have been described? I can throw in a further interesting titbit: the British head of the armed forces Jock Stirrup along with Ministry of Defence’s top civil servant, Sir Bill Jeffrey, were surprisingly both asked to vacate their desks last week (some are saying sacked). This could make control of our armed forces easier for those who may be orchestrating events to come. The Operation Blackjack “storyboard” includes information about how after the attacks, every person will be required to carry a biometric identity card which you will need in order to buy goods. Strangely, on the fictitious biometric card shown in the fictitious story is a fictitious hexadecimal identity number. This number is a string of hexadecimal digits. There is a hidden message encoded in this string. If one converts the two digit hex codes into ASCII text, it reads “this is not entertainment”. And this is not the only coded message in this fictitious story. I am not suggesting that World War 3 will definitely start on Tuesday, I am just informing you of these facts which concern me. One thing is for sure, IF an attack occurs on or around 22nd June, you can be sure it is not terrorists or whichever group the government decide to blame.

Edge Media Television
We sadly heard a few weeks ago that EMTV, the only channel on TV dedicated to the truth is going to close. They are showing repeats throughout June, but after that I am told they will stop broadcasting. A rescue mission was announced by Theo Chalmers, Ian R. Crane, Jim Corr (of “The Corrs”) and David Icke, in which they appealed for viewers to give funds to save the channel. I wish them well with this rescue, but unless a vast amount is received it is unlikely to work. Luckily we have managed to move our programmes (The Richplanet Starship and to a new channel. Channel 201 (which is now called showcase channel). The Richplanet Starship will be shown at 8:00pm on Fridays and repeated at 8:00pm the following Tuesdays and Thursdays. will air at 8:00pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can also get repeats of both programmes at 8:00am every morning.

False Flag Terrorism
We have produced some shows which look at the evidence of 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks and it is blatantly obvious if you take time to study the evidence that both of these events were inside jobs. We will be continuing to make shows on this topic, as it is essential to shine a light on it so that enough people see through the lies with the aim of preventing future atrocities, and also bringing to justice those that really did carry out these attacks.

In case you were wondering, we have not stopped being interested in UFOs. Future Ufological guests on “The Richplanet Starship” will include: detective constable Gary Heseltine (expert on Rendlesham Forrest incident), Anthony Beckett (expert on Mars), Mary Rodwell (expert on the abduction phenomenon) and possibly, wait for it … Lloyd Pye (expert on human origins and researcher of the alien/human hybrid “starchild” skull).

Richard D. Hall
this newsletter was first published 17.6.2010

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