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Info Given to The Sun
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Transcript of information given to ''The Sun'', April 2010

Over the past 12 years there have been many reports of bizarre animal deaths reported across the country in particular along a corridor down the Shropshire-Powys borders from the Berwyn Mountains all the way down to the Brecon Beacons.

The Animal Pathology Field Unit was established in 2001 and is a non-profit making organisation committed to carrying out serious research into the animal mutilation mystery and its connections to the increasingly reported of Red and Orange Spheres in the vicinity of strange animal deaths and disappearances.

Our role is one of information gathering both nationally and globally by recording and collating factual information which has or could have a direct link to these attacks.

We are not an investigative group open to the general public but a covert research team operating in areas across the United Kingdom.

We are in liaison with many people including scientists, law enforcement officers and professional people who are fully aware of the animal mutilation problem.

Our Team have been investigating animal attacks since 1998 which led to the formation of the APFU three years later. Our mission is to raise the awareness of anyone who may be interested in the subject of animal mutilation attacks as well as those affected directly by it, such as the farming community, to whom we also provide advice and support. David Cayton investigator and co founder of the APFU and who worked with late Tony Dodd of Quest International pioneered the early years of mutilations investigations in the UK.

My colleague Mike Freebury has investigated numerous bizarre attacks on Dartmoor and recently won a major victory through the Freedom of Information Act by gaining access to previously restricted photographs of clinically mutilated sheep that clearly demonstrate a systematic highly technological sampling of UK livestock is taking place by as yet unknown agencies. Mike also reopened the cold cases file regarding the mysterious deaths of 15 ponies found with classic facial strips in 1977 on Dartmoor and a rational explanation for their deaths has never been found?

Because of the continuing reports of spheres, crafts and bizarre animal deaths we decided to conduct surveillance operations in high activity locations and at peak times. We located a hill farm that overlooked some of the most active sighting areas around the Radnorshire Forest the location of many such sightings and unexplained animal deaths.

The surveillance location gave us an unobstructed view of the valley in both directions and all surrounding areas. The chosen time for our surveillance was the night of the 12th of March, 2010, as it was close the New Moon phase which for some as yet understood reason seems to be significant. On the night the weather was bad with freezing winds over the campsite and viewing area but thankfully we had no rain.

Things kicked off really early as just after 22.00 my colleague Mike Freebury spotted a bright burnt red light hanging over an isolated ravine near a highly forested area known as Radnorshire Forest.

At first we thought the light was from an isolated farmhouse or dwelling but it soon became clear this light was hovering, it also had company as an identical red sphere appeared bottom right of the first light about a quarter of a mile away.

The lights kept changing shape and emitting beams of light and small spheres that covered large areas of distance in a blink of an eye. At times the Spheres would morph into different shapes firing beams to the ground and discharging small spheres that darted backwards and forwards across the valley floor as though they were looking for something.

At times during the sighting beams of light would be fired out of the forest at the small spheres travelling across open fields. We could not discern where these beams were coming from or who or what might have generated them, but for a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle by two opposing forces with beams of light being projected through the forest and even large flashes of light in the sky above the hills. At one point in the sighting the two Red Spheres disappeared from the valley below only to reappear to our right just behind a small hill where we were camped. Then suddenly an intense narrow white beam passed down the hill just behind us, at times we thought the Red Spheres not only knew we were there but they were watching us?

I use the word appear as these lights did not seem to fly into the location but at times blinked on and off and moved instantly from one point to another.

These Spheres are clearly not Chinese lanterns and do not conform to any known conventional aircraft or meteorological manifestation.

The following day I returned to the surveillance sighting location and was able to calculate the area was approximately four to four and a half miles from our surveillance viewing point.

I interviewed the farmers from all farms along the valley floor apart from one who was not at home. All but one farm had had some type of unusual disappearance of animals or deaths with strange injuries.

One farm in particular had many recent disappearances of just specific breeds of animal and the farmer told me he had seen all the types of injuries displayed in our APFU animal mutilation photo file.

Of all the people I interviewed no one saw any odd lights last Friday night early Saturday morning or heard any noise and anything else unusual, but a number of farmers had seen flashing lights and red or white spheres recently or in the last 3 years over the area.

One farmer stated that a few years ago they had witnessed a large red sphere over a nearby hill which is right next to a farm with mutilation activity and numerous other UFO sightings.

Another elderly gentleman who lives in a remote cottage said on this Monday night at 19.00 he was sitting in his living room with his wife when they suddenly heard a loud whooshing noise over the cottage. They both immediately ran out of the cottage to see what it was but what ever it was moved off so fast they could not catch sight of it, he told me something very strange is going on around here?

I have attached a video clip and video still shots of the sighting which is only one of over 30 taken by both video cameras and photos of the viewing location. We are aware of the quantizing of images through data processing of digital information within the video camera that is why we always try to duplicate the footage with analogue video to make a precise viewing comparison.

The combined video footage of the two cameras last nearly two hours and we have closely examined the scenes and they are consistent in content. Both video cameras were on tripods some slight movement was due to the high winds and vibration from our feet from the severe cold.

We are making inroads in some areas of the mutilation mystery but the more we realise just how little we know regarding the mutilation phenomena.

Anyone with information regarding the animal mutilation mystery or sightings of unconventional craft can contact us at all information will be treated in strict confidence.

Phil Hoyle

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