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May 2010 Newsletter

General Election Rigged
Anyone who has been watching and reading coverage in the mainstream media of the general election will realise that the media have been attempting to engineer a Conservative victory. In the first ever televised leadership debate David Cameron did not do as well as they expected, and the Lib Dems gained much ground in the opinion polls. For this reason the mainstream media were ordered from high to put out propaganda in order to give the Conservatives a clear lead which they need for a victory. The Bilderberg Group have groomed key people within the Tory party and are happy for them to be the next puppet government. Conservative members of the secret Bilderberg Group include David Cameron, George Osborne, Willam Hague & Kenneth Clarke. If you don’t think the election is rigged by the media take a look at the front page of todays Sun Newspaper. The most influential man in Britain on the front page of the countries biggest selling paper supporting David Cameron and the Conservatives the day before the election. This article is NOT a co-incidence, it has been carefully planned to have the biggest impact. The Sun is the most widely read newspaper in the UK (3 million) and we know Murdoch who owns it is another member of Bilderberg. Don’t be fooled into thinking any of these politicians or media are working for you, they are not. If Cameron gets elected which we suspect he will, we will be reminding him of his promise to

Animal Mutilation
There have been a number of developments over the last month on the animal mutilation front. To find out about this phenomenon you can watch the documentary Silent Killers here. Firstly, my MP Dave Anderson has tabled two Parliamentary questions to the Agriculture Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick. The questions (Parliamentary Question 1, Parliamentary Question 2) ask: when will the minister reply to Richard D. Hall’s correspondence about animal mutilation? The minister’s replies were quite pathetic. Because the replies were so pathetic and denied that they had received my correspondence, Dave Anderson printed out my correspondence and put all my letters and emails in the Ministers hand. In reply to my correspondence I received an even more pathetic letter dated 28th April, read it here here (scroll to bottom of page). It is clear that they do not want to pass comment at all on the findings in Silent Killers. Bear in mind that my MP personally handed the minister a DVD copy of Silent Killers in November last year. Why will they not agree to an interview on camera? Why will they not make any comment on the findings?

Here is where it gets a bit more bizarre. The British mainstream news coverage on this issue has been non existent for at least the last 10 years, despite myself and others passing information to the press. Just a few weeks after my MP started asking parliamentary questions, The Sun Newspaper and the Daily Telegraph Newspaper, on the same day published fairly big articles (Sun Article, Telegraph Article) about animal mutilation! Is the timing a co-incidence? or have the parliamentary questions prompted the lifting of a D notice? The information published by the Sun and Telegraph was derived from information given to them by Phil Hoyle of the APFU (Animal Pathology Field Unit) who is featured in Silent Killers. It is interesting to compare what Phil actually gave “The Sun”, and what they actually printed. They removed a great deal of important facts and the journalist who liaised with Phil was a freelance intermediary, not a Sun journalist. The journalist, a certain Nic North lead Phil to believe that there would be very serious comprehensive news coverage in the article. The day the articles were published (a bank holiday) the journalist could not be contacted. Who was this journalist really working for? Why was he used to water down this story? In order to get the real facts, you can read a detailed report on Linda Moulton Howe’s website here. The photograph of a dead sheep published by the Sun is not from an animal mutilation case, it is a natural predation photograph. They chose to replace Phil’s astonishing photos with a ball of wool which shows no evidence of “the phenomenon”. The question remains: were the government pressured into telling the media to print something about this phenomenon because Anderson had started asking awkward questions in Parliament? In other words, by printing these stories takes pressure off a Minister, as it means they can state “there is no coverup, it’s in the news”. So instead of continuing a cover up, they are now just belittling the issue in a tightly controlled media. Simply by comparing Linda Howe’s article with The Sun's article (and Telegraphs) shows they are not treating the issue as seriously as they should and have not presented all of the facts.

The Richplanet Starship
Our new tv show, The Richplanet Starship is off the ground and we have so far produced six shows. They can all be viewed online. We have some exciting guests lined up in future weeks. John Duffield, the author of Relativity+ explains space, energy, matter, time and gravity. Andrew Johnson will speak about the 9/11 conspiracy and Anthony John Hill who made the film 7/7 Ripple Effect will update us on his situation. Last year Hill was arrested and has spent 33 days in jail simply for sending copies of his film to the Judge and Jury Foreman in a case where families of alleged 7/7 terrorists were being framed by the authorities for crimes they did not commit (they were rightly acquitted). The British Government are now trying to extradite him from Ireland to stand trial for “Perverting the Course of Justice”. This will be the first of several programmes we intend to produce about 7/7: A blatantly obvious false flag terror event which needs exposing far more than it so far has.

The Corrupt Scottish Government
The Scottish Government is as bent as a nine bob bit and is protecting paedophiles. We hope to bring you more information on the corruption within the Scottish Government in future. I interviewed Hollie Greig last week, who is a victim of paedophiles being protected by the Scottish Government and Grampian Police.

The Wake Up Call Conference
Don’t miss The Wakeup Call Conference in Kirkaldy, May 22nd 2010. It promises to be a very interesting and worthwhile event. We are very much looking forward to meeting everyone who attends.

Richard D. Hall

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