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RP Newsletter
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April 2010 Newsletter

We are launching a brand new TV show called The Richplanet Starship , which will air on SKY Channel 200 on Wednesdays at 6:00pm. So when you settle down to watch the 6 'o' clock news, remember you'll get more important information over on channel 200. If you don't have SKY you will be able to watch the programme from this website on the Starship page (link top right). The show is filmed somewhere high above the earth in a huge flying saucer called the Richplanet Starship. You can watch the pilot episode featuring UFO researcher David Cayton here. Subjects are by no means limited to the UFO phenomenon, in fact this will be just one of many topics under discussion.

The new show has been kindly sponsored by, who provide a wide range of competitively priced cycles and accessories and can be ordered from their website.

I have become increasingly aware of two news stories that are actively being covered up by our intelligence agencies and the British legal system. The first is the story of Hollie Greig, a down syndrome lady, aged 30 originally from Aberdeen who was repeatedly raped by a paedohpile ring from 1986 to 2000. The paedophile group includes a high ranking scottish judge (sherrif) called Graham Buchannon, a high ranking police officer (now deceased) and social workers. Britains news media have had a 'D' notice imposed on them to prevent them reporting this information. 'D' notices are only supposed to be used to sensor the media in cases where national security is at risk. Why are Holly Greigs claims a matter of national security? We suspect it is because this paedophile ring goes to the highest levels of the British Government. The lord advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini acting via the legal firm Levy & McRae, has made sure mainstream media are prevented from reporting this important case, by issuing letters and emails to news editors threatening them not to publish on this case. A Panorama team who planned to make a documentary about the case were told they would lose their jobs if they continued. They were told not to cover any story relating to paedophilia in Scotland.

The second disturbing story is that of film maker Anthony John Hill (60). Hill produced a documetary called ''7/7 Ripple Effect'', which shows what really happened during the 7/7 London bombings of 2005 and demonstrates beyond doubt that the official story, that ''terrorists'' caused the explosions is lies. The authorities tried to stitch up members of the alleged bombers families by arresting them for supposedly assisting in the attacks, who were later acquitted in April 2009. Hill realised this trial was a perversion of the course of justice, because the judge conveyed to the jury that the 4 alleged bombers were guilty even though no trial has ever taken place. Hills film shows compelling evidence that the 4 were in fact patsies set up by intelligence agents. One of the so called terrorists was friendly with the police and given a tour of the houses of parliament by an MP some time before the attacks. Hill, legitimately sent his film to the judge and to the foreman of the jury. This is common in cases where an individual believes they have relevant evidence to a trial to send that evidence to the judge. Hill followed the correct procedure for submitting his evidence to the court. He DID NOT send his dvd to the jury members. Hill was subsequently arrested under a European arrest warrant (because he lives in Dublin) and held in prison for 10 days under a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. His bail conditions are that he is not allowed to talk to anyone in England or Wales about the 7/7 attacks. The British governemnt are now trying to have him extradited from Ireland to stand trial. All he did was make a film of what is undoubtedly the truth and send it to a court. Freedom of speech is being eroded by evil forces who orchestrate false flag terrorist attacks. We will be adding John Hills film to our website in due course. John Hill uses the alias Muab Dib, find out more here.

We spent a few days in Wales carrying out more filming and evidence gathering on the Berwyn UFO case of 1974. We have uncovered some compelling new evidence on two aspects of this case. We now know the location and have filmed where the army rented their diggs and stayed for 6 to 8 weeks following the event. The army presence was there to secure a particular area on the side of the Berwyn Mountain. We have uncovered more information also, which will be revealed in our soon to be produced documentary. The government sponsored debunkers will have to eat humble pie once they see what is revealed.

Richard D. Hall

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