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Richplanet TV An Independent Investigation into the 2010 Cumbria Shootings - released March 2015 > WATCH HERE
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RP Newsletter
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March 2010 Newsletter

RICHPLANET.NET SERIES 4 TV programme series 4 starts Thursday March 4th, 7:30pm and will be shown each week at this time. The series has six programmes with the following titles,

Programme 1 - The Bristol Channel Triangle
Programme 2 - The Cayton UFO Files 1
Programme 3 - The John Lear Debate (1 hour show, starts 30 mins earlier)
Programme 4 - The Cayton UFO Files 2
Programme 5 - Underground Bases
Programme 6 - The Cayton UFO Files 3

The holiday company has kindly sponsored the series. I can vouch for this company on both service and price. The managing director is a personal friend of mine, and I have booked holidays with them many times in the past. If you’re looking to book a holiday online they are well worth a browse.

We are currently in the process of devising an hour long weekly TV show called “The Richplanet Starship”. The show will be recorded just a few days before it is aired and will therefore cover items which are on the current agenda, here and now. It will be shown on EMTV (Controversial TV) Sky 200 and will also be available to view online from We have not agreed a time slot with EMTV yet, but will find this out very soon and let you know. The first show will be ready at the beginning of April and I hope to throw in a few surprises. Each week I will be interviewing a special guest, featuring an original artist (musician, singer or group) and speaking to “witnesses” of strange phenomena. The show will not be limited to the subject of Ufology, although it will be one of the central themes.

Cases of animal mutilation continue to be reported to One of the problems with gathering evidence of animal mutilation is in obtaining “fresh” cases. When I say fresh, I mean that the animal has been dead for just a short period. This is so that samples can be taken and frozen, then analysed by specialists for specific characteristics. Usually when people report cases to they do not have a fresh carcass for examination as it has usually been taken away. We are appealing to everyone, especially those involved in farming to be vigilant for new cases and report them to There are some very specific tests we wish to carry out which we believe will shed more light on the reasons for the attacks. This week I received a letter from the Houses of Parliament which made me quite excited, as I thought it was a response to my pervious letters. It turned out to be a letter from my MP asking me if I would like to sign a petition against fox hunting!

There are a number of internet rumours circulating about the area just off the coast of Yemen known as the Gulf of Aden. A huge build up of military vessels has been reported, the vessels coming from many countries including the U.S., Russia and China. Apparently the ships are circling an area of sea which is the location of an alleged “Stargate” which is creating a huge whirlpool. My understanding of so called Stargates, if they exist, is they are a portal to another location in the universe where things can traverse into or out of. I would like to ask readers whether you have friends or relatives in the military who might know whether indeed there is a build up of military activity in this area, and if so what is the reason?

Probe UK UFO and Paranormal Conference, Lytham St Annes, 27th and 28th March 2010
The Wake Up Call Conference, Kirkaldy, Scotland, 22nd May 2010
Exopolitics UK, Leeds University 7th and 8th August 2010

Richard D. Hall

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