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RP Newsletter
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February 2010 Newsletter

North East Truth

I have recently been introduced to a group called North East Truth. The group meets once a month on Sunday afternoons at the Bridge Hotel in Newcastle Upon Tyne. A growing number of people are waking up to the lies being fed to them by mainstream media and this group is one of many with ideas for real change. All three major political parties are now completely embedded in media lies and serve to preserve the fundamentally corrupt financial and banking systems. We don’t just need a change of government, we need to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch reclaiming our constitution which our so called leaders have broken.

Speaking Events
I will be speaking at Probe International UFO and Paranormal Conference at Lytham St Annes (near Blackpool) on Sunday 28th March. The talk will cover UFOs, psy-ops and government disinformation. I am also speaking in Scotland (Kirkcaldy) at ''The Wake Up Call'' Conference on Saturday 22nd May, this talk will cover the UK governments policy to cover up inexplicable animal mutilation incidents. This is a phenomenon which everyone should know about, but is being denied by government and mainstream media. Watch our film about it here.

Strange Objects Seen Near the Sun

It has come to our attention that strange, planet sized spheres, which some are calling UFOs, have been photographed in close proximity to the sun. The images were taken by NASA's SOHO unmanned spacecraft which monitors the sun and broadcasts images of the sun on its website. The spheres are about the size of planet earth, and started showing up around January 18th, 2010. It seems also that since their discovery, NASA have started tampering with and suppressing further images. NASA recently put forward a conspiracy theory to explain these hitherto unobserved spheres, which is that they are “compression artifacts highly magnified”. The main obstacle to finding the truth about things beyond our own planet is NASA itself, (which is a military establishment). Stanton Friedman regularly states that NASA stands for “Never A Straight Answer”. It is interesting that this story has not been mentioned in mainstream media. The last place to look for important new news stories is the mainstream news, and the next two stories in this month’s newsletter are good examples of this …

Evidence of Weather Manipulation and Environmental Control
I was contacted by researcher Colin Andrews in January and he provided some incredible satellite photographs of various regions of Australia. The images show massive cloud formations which appear to be anything but natural in shape. What is the “secret” government of our world playing with here?

Chavez Slates America
The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez has accused the Americans of deliberately starting the Haiti earthquake using an undisclosed energy weapon, possibly HAARP. The information to base his claim apparently comes from Russian sources (Russia are believed to have developed similar technology). It is believed by some that earthquakes in Japan (2007), and China (2008), were created deliberately. Journalist Benjamin Fulford interviewed a former Japanese finance minister who told him that Japan had been contacted by an elite international group, who threatened to deliberately create an earthquake in Japan if the Japanese government did not comply with certain economic demands. The first person who can find a BBC reporter covering this information or the claims of Hugo Chavez, I will send them a free copy of my book. Even if Chavez is wrong, the BBC have a duty to report these important claims.

Richard D. Hall

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