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RP Newsletter
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December 2009 Newsletter

New film from Richplanet, ''Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth'', airs on SKY 200 7:00pm Thursday 10th December

We have recently completed an objective documentary about Crop Circles. The film will leave you in no doubt about the crop circle issue. The waters have been deliberately muddied over the last 20 years and this programme strips away the dis-information and gets straight to the truth. Towards the end of the programme we reveal shocking evidence never seen before on television or the internet. If you do not have SKY don't worry, you will be able to watch the film from the richplanet website from Thursday evening onwards. Watch the film . We sent Colin Andrews, who is regarded as the worlds leading authority on crop circles a copy and he has watched the film. Here are Colin Andrews comments ...

''It's good to be in touch and let me straight away congratulate you on Crop Circles - The Hidden Truth and the other projects you are undertaking. I have viewed the program and suspect the findings are going to hit some headlines when it airs. Like I said to David [Cayton], you deserve high praise and respect for the courage shown in going places that many are afraid to go. If I can ever be of assistance, let me know.''

''The conclusions you come to at the end of Hidden Truth are very concerning, powerful and potentially explosive. Thank you for sending me the copy which I very much enjoyed. I will happily post a piece about it along with your comments and David and Robert's after it airs in UK.''

Thanks to everyone who attended the event at the Tyneside Irish Centre. You can read all about it and watch videos of the talks here. We are planning more talks and the next one is to be in Glasgow on 4th February 2010. Details here here. If you live within reach of Glasgow, why not come along.

MOD Closes UFO Desk
On 1st December the Ministry of Defence closed the department which handles calls from the public regarding UFO sighitings and other UFO related activities. They claim that there has not been sufficient evidence to suggest that UFOs are real. If this is the case, why has it taken them over 20 years to realise this? The decision to close this department I would guess has come from American Intelligence. Just as they closed Blue Book in 1969. The question is, other than the reason given which is clearly not true; what is the real reason for this closure?

Animal Mutilation
Some progress has been made. My member of Parliament has told me that he gave government minister Jim Fitzpatrick (MP) a DVD copy of Silent Killers on Thursday 26th November 2009. Fitzpatrick is a minister in DEFRA, who I believe is just one level below the Secretary of State Hilary Benn. Fitzpatricks policy area is farm animals, so I guess he is the one who has responsibility for this. I have emailed him to ask if he has watched the film and what he intends to do about it. You can watch Silent Killers here and read the latest correspondance here. On the animal mutilation subject, it appears that the intelligence agencies are shitting themselves about the film ''Silent Killers'', and in a desperate attempt to try and convince members of the public these events are being caused by poachers, they put this article on the National news. Read the disinformation here (why should a few dead sheep make national news). It is obvious dis-information. The title reads ''Professional poachers are operating across Devon, leaving animals with horrific injuries and putting people at risk, police have warned''. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the idea of poaching was to take the dead animals with you to sell or eat, not leave them for the police to find. Who ever heard of poachers taking orders from clients in a notebook like some kind of waiter in French restaurant. They must think we were born yesterday. The image is a library image, it could be situated anywhere. Why have they not shown the alleged note book. Perhaps the MI5 dis-info people who put this story out were graduate trainees - it is total crap. It's a huge co-incidence that the location of this alleged activity is one of the areas we featured in Silent Killers. If there are any budding investigators out there, why not try and find this PC John Fisher and see if you can get the same story from his mouth. I would be most interested to see what you find.

Richard D. Hall

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