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E.T.s in the fields of Britain
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Where is the best place to look for evidence of extra terrestrials?

The obvious answer to this question is in the sky. For years people have reported strange lights in our skies and some have even photographed what they believe to alien spaceships. The latest research I have been involved with seems to point to the fact that there is evidence of extra terrestrial’s right here on the ground in the green fields of Britain. In 1993, the Emmy award winning American film maker, Linda Moulton Howe made a documentary about unexplained animal deaths occurring all over the world. The deaths seemed to be occurring in very specific areas and the injuries on the carcases indicated that predators were not the cause. These injuries were more like surgical procedures, where soft tissue internal organs were seemingly cleanly excised from animal bodies from holes which were too small for the organs to fit. Other strange characteristics included the clean removal of the tongue and flesh cleanly removed from one side of the jaw. Also complete and clean removal of all of the animal’s blood was sometimes observed, with no trace of blood on the animal or on the ground. Interestingly the actual meat of the animal which a predator would usually consume is left behind.

I recently met up with three researchers who have been investigating these types of animal deaths in the U.K. Two areas of current activity are Dartmoor in Devon and The Rea Valley on the English Welsh border. In the past, an area between Whitby and Scarborough on the North East coast has also been victim to these bizarre occurrences. The researchers I interviewed have catalogued and reported on many sheep death cases with the help of a qualified pathologist. Essentially there is no rational explanation for the injuries regularly found. Not only that: it appears that the government department DEFRA are trying to hush things up. In Linda Moulton Howe’s documentary she concludes that the attacks are being perpetrated by extra terrestrials. In 1997 she was given information from Lieutenant Philip J. Corso, a U.S. army intelligence officer who previously had access to secret information in the Pentagon. Corso read documents dating from 1951 which stated that the acts were being carried by creatures from another planet. Many law enforcement officers in the United States agree with the extra terrestrial theory, claiming that people have witnessed animals being beamed up into bright glowing crafts, only to find mutilated carcases on the ground the following day. The incidents I have been given access to in the U.K. show a striking similarity to those uncovered by Linda Moulton Howe. All of the findings are featured in a documentary I have just completed called “Silent Killers”. You can watch the documentary by logging onto, or alternatively the programme will be aired on Sky Channel 200 on 18th June at 8:00pm. I warn you not to be eating your supper when you watch.

Richard D. Hall

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