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Alien Implent Research
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On Monday 20th April 2009 at the National Press Club in Washington DC a group of researchers and campaigners held a press conference.

One of the speakers was Dr. Roger Leir, a foot surgeon who has removed 15 tiny objects from people’s bodies over the last 14 years. The individuals from which these objects were removed all claim to have had an abduction experience involving alien beings.

Leir reported on the latest results of his research. Here is some of what he said,

“The Roper Poll which was done in 2003 indicated that there was approximately 2% of the American population that was involved in alien abduction. We believe that’s a conservative figure and if you multiply this by the population of the world, we’re not talking about tens of thousands of but we are talking about multi millions of individuals.”

“Most of them do not have memories that are very explicit; some need help with memory retrieval.”

The implants are several millimetres in length and to the naked eye look like a piece of wire or a small rod. Leir went on to describe some of his findings,

“The object is covered in a strong biological coating, a coating that is so strong that when the object is removed you cannot cut through it with a surgical blade.”

“If you get an object in you, you usually can see where the object went in, a portal of entry. Something of this size, you should be able to see where this went; in none of these cases has there been a scar or an opening in the skin.”

“Quite recently we found out that, I hope you are all sitting down, that the biological coating appears to be growing from the metallic structure within. We believe that this biological tissue serves as a barrier so that the body does not reject the object or cause inflammation to occur. If we had the funds to back engineer this and find out how this works, it would be a tremendous boom to medical science because we could wrap a transplant organ, a pin, or a screw or something of that nature, put it into the body and the individual would no longer have to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives. ”

“This represents a science which far exceeds the biological science we have on earth.”

Leir and many others are convinced these devices have been put there by an alien race which is controlling or monitoring millions of people on earth with technology far beyond our own.

Dr. Leir has found it impossible to get funding from official sources for this research. A possible reason for this reluctance to explore these findings further is that the authorities would rather the public did not find out about such a hugely disturbing phenomena. The logic goes like this: We have no defence against alien abduction and implantation, so why cause a public panic by officially announcing this as fact.

Another highly credible campaigner who spoke at the conference is Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon. Mitchell urged Barak Obama to declassify secret files on UFOs which prove that aliens have visited earth.

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