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Tim Good
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I mentioned last time that I wanted to find out whether there is knowledge somewhere within the government about aliens and UFOs. A good place to start was to ask somebody who has been investigating this very issue for the last 48 years.

Timothy Good is a best selling author, his first book “Above Top Secret – The Worldwide UFO Cover Up” was published in 1987 and is regarded widely as the definitive work on this subject. I recently read his latest book “Need to Know – UFOs, The Military and Intelligence”, then contacted him to ask if I could conduct a televised interview for a second TV series (being screened on EMTV – Sky 200 in March) to answer some burning questions about UFO secrecy.

He agreed. We drove down to Tim’s residence in London, chatted over tea and biscuits before setting up camera for the interview. I will be publishing the entire video interview in the coming weeks on the website.

The phrase used in the title of Tim Goods latest book refers to a term which is often used in military and intelligence circles. “Need to Know” - means that a person is only given information on a subject if they have a need to know about it in order to perform their function. If they do not have a no need to know they are not informed regardless of their rank. The information is therefore “compartmentalised” and no single individual knows the entire picture. According to Tim, this type of control of information was first used during World War II in the Manhattan Project to develop the first Atomic Weapon, and continues to be used to cover up UFO information.

I learned that probably the only Prime Minister to have been given any knowledge of aliens and UFOs was Margaret Thatcher. This was due to her special relationship with Ronald Reagan, who Tim assured me was in the know. Thatcher is known to have told author Georgina Bruni in 1997, “UFOs! You must get your facts right and you can’t tell the people”.

During the interview it became clear that the secrecy is perpetrated by America and sections of our secret services and military are essentially subservient to theirs. Not only that, the influence over our secret officials is brought to bear without the knowledge of our Prime Ministers. In other words, people who work for our government and are paid for by our taxes take their orders from the American military and intelligence services. In my opinion this cannot be right and if it is not illegal - it should be. Nevertheless this is how the secrecy is maintained. Tim went onto explain that there is (or was) a top secret RAF organisation called the “Provost and Security Services” which manages the UFO cover up and keeps information relating to these matters. It is the highest of all top secret subjects and information rarely if ever surfaces from this group.

He went on to explain that during John F. Kennedy’s Presidency in the early sixties, Kennedy requested to see alien bodies which had been recovered from UFO crash retrievals. This request was granted and Kennedy was taken by Air Force I to Tyndall Air Force base in Florida to view the bodies. The top secret mission was headed by General Godfrey T. McHugh. He believes that Kennedy was assassinated because he probably wanted to tell the public about aliens and UFOs.

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