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David Icke
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If I asked what you thought of David Icke, I am sure I would get a wide range of answers ranging from ‘crack pot’ to ‘enlightened prophet’.

You may remember his appearance on Wogan in 1991 when the friendly faced TV sports presenter appeared in a turquoise shell suit claiming that he was the chosen one, and the Earth would soon be engulfed by tidal waves. The audience laughed.

Icke has come a long way since then and people are no longer ridiculing his seemingly wild theories and predictions. He has written 20 books and pulls in huge crowds all over the world wherever he speaks.

So what does David Icke have to do with aliens and UFOs?

The central point of David Ickes theory of “Global Conspiracy” is that all of the Earths major controlling institutions such as the royal family, governments, the world bank, media organisations, secret societies such as the round table and the Freemasons, the United Nations, the IMF, NATO, the Vatican etc, are all controlled by the same force known as the illuminati.

Only people at the very pinnacle of these organisations actually know this is the case, with the vast majority of their “members” being completely ignorant of what is really going on. Anyone who doesn’t fit in or seeks to expose the truth is soon got rid of. One of the families believed to be the most influential in all of this is are the Rothschilds, who are an international banking and finance dynasty. If you think that all of this would be impossible to keep secret; if you control the world’s media, you can pretty much get the people to believe whatever you want.

According to David Icke, the covert control of the Earths power structures has been going on for thousands of years and at the top of it all is a race of aliens who remain hidden from view, but control the entire pyramid. Most wars are actually created by the same hidden force acting on both sides, including both world wars, the cold war and the so called war on terror. We think we live in a democracy, but in fact the same force controls both parties. Icke describes this as the prison without bars. We think we are free, but actually we are not. It is clear that the U.S. government has covered up the fact that we have been visited. They know a great deal more about flying saucers and extra-terrestrials than they allow into the public domain. For evidence of this log onto the Hartlepool Mail website and read my previous articles.

If David Icke is right, then his theory demonstrates very powerfully why the public are kept in the dark about the alien and UFO phenomenon, and why it never gets past columns in local papers like this one.

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