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Omar Fowler Interview
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Veteran UFO researcher Ohmar Fowler knidly invited us to Derby for an interview.

A Brief History - Omar Fowler

Omar Fowler has always been interested in aviation and objects that fly around in the sky. At the age of 17 he joined Fleet Air Arm, in which he served for 7 years. On leaving the service he spent a further three years in the field of aviation at the Empire Test Pilots School (Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough).

In 1967 he founded the Surrey Investigation Group on Aerial Phenomena (SIGAP) that undertook the investigation of UFO reports. During the late sixties the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) appointed him as National Co-ordinator. He served as a Director of ‘Flying Saucer Review’ for many years and is currently a consultant for FSR and ‘MU: Super Mystery Magazine’ (Japan). He has met and discussed the UFO phenomena with a number of well known international researchers such as Dr.J.Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Dr.Joachim Kuettner (Chairman of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics) and the late Dr. John E. Mack (Harvard University), to name but a few. Omar has investigated numerous UFO ‘contactee’ incidents over the years and has interviewed police officers, aircrew, ex-service personnel, both British and American in his quest to find an answer to the UFO mystery.

He first researched the Crop Circle phenomenon in 1985 and two of his investigation reports were published in the best seller ‘Circular Evidence’. He later introduced a technical paper ‘Crop Circles: The Final Solution’ to the International Crop Circle Conference held at Bath in August 1993. The paper, which covered the investigation of High Frequency radiation in Crop Circles, was widely acclaimed.

His study of the UFO subject has covered a period of over thirty years, during which time he has visited a number of world-wide ancient sites including the ‘Lines of Nazca’ in Peru. He has lectured to a wide variety of groups including the London ‘Ghost Club’ and the C.I.D. HQ at Maidstone. Omar has participated in a number of conferences and radio discussion programmes, including BBC Overseas, Thames Valley Radio (with Steve Wright), BBC Radio Derby, BBC ‘Late Show Live’, Radio Mallorca, the Jeff Rense Radio Show (USA: Coast to Coast) and ‘The Hilly Rose Show’ (USA). He has also appeared on a variety of television programmes including, ‘Panorama,’ ‘Nationwide,’ ‘Coast to Coast,’ ‘The Time and The Place,’ ‘BBC Pebble Mill’, ‘BSB Satellite TV’, Cable televisions ‘Live TV’, Paramount’s ‘Sightings’ (U.S.A.), Central ‘Weekend Live’, ITV’s ‘Extra Tonight’(2008) and Dutch Television. Since moving to Derbyshire in 1990 he has formed the highly successful ‘Phenomenon Research Association’. The PRA is currently involved in the investigation of the mysterious ‘Flying Triangle’ craft and is a participant in the ‘Project FT’ organisation. This group exchanges information with a number of countries, including Japan, Canada, Australia, NZ, and the United States. Omar Fowler has produced two booklets on the ‘FT’ subject: ‘The Flying Triangle Mystery’ (1996) and ‘Flying Triangle UFOs: The Continuing Story’ (1997).

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