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Why was Stephensville not reported?
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I have heard people say, “I will only believe in UFOs when an ‘Independence Day’ type spaceship appears in the sky”.

This has already happened. It happened on 8th January 2008 and was witnessed by many people.

A huge metallic like object travelled silently over the Stephenville area of Texas in the United States. It was witnessed at 3 separate locations along its path which followed a straight line several hundred feet in the air. The massive craft was in the air for over an hour.

Statements from the witnesses were recorded in a scientific fashion, using landmarks and mathematical techniques to get an accurate estimate of the size of the craft. Factors were introduced which took into account peoples tendency to exaggerate in this kind of event. After considering all of the witness statements, it is certain that the craft was in the order of 1,000 feet wide (the length of 3 football pitches end to end).

Many fighter jets were also witnessed flying in the vicinity of the massive silent object. Following the event, people contacted the authorities to ask about the military jets which seemed to by flying erratically, as if they had been scrambled in response to the appearance of the object. The authorities denied they had any aircraft in the area. After more and more witnesses came forward who saw the jets, the military eventually admitted they did have fighter jets in the area “on a training exercise”.

The organisation MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) requested under the freedom of Information laws, logs of radar data held by the military on the date the object was observed. After several letters back and forth, the military eventually released their radar data. This data revealed that the object was tracked by more than one radar station for over an hour and travelled in a straight line over 40 miles averaging about 40 miles per hour. At one point it completely disappears from all radar traces for 7 minutes, then instantly re-appears at the point where it would have been if it had continued in a straight line. This, by the way is impossible.

Some people would say this could have been an experimental military craft. If so, why were all of the military jets flying about the sky in a mad panic. The object did not have a radio transponder fitted which sends out a signal to identify it to other aircraft. This is illegal.

The story was not reported fully in our country on National News.

If it were reported extensively, with an expensive reconstruction, visual aids, witness interviews, as most other news stories are. We would have our “Independence Day” spaceship story, and everyone would demand answers from our governments.

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