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Do Politicians Talk about UFOs?
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Do politicians ever talk about UFOs?

The subject of UFOs has only ever been debated once in the British Parliament. This took place in 1979 in the House of Lords.

This debate packed the house, in which Lord Clancarty called for an intra governmental study of the UFO phenomena, to bring the subject out into the open and encourage public participation. He also called for the Secretary of State for Defence to give a televised interview on the subject of UFOs.

Of the 14 Lords that spoke in the debate, 9 were adamantly in favour of the proposals, one was not in favour of the proposals, but still believed that UFOs could exist. Some of the 9 claimed that they believed there was a cover up by the British Government. Only three were against the proposals and one of these was the government spokesman. Lord Clancarty opened the debate by eloquently describing a range of un-explained UFO incidents which have occurred over the years.

He concluded, “Is it not time that Her Majesty’s Government informed our people of what they know about UFOs? The UFOs have been coming in increasing numbers for 30 years since the war, and I think it is time our people were told the truth.”

Lord Trefgarnes then spoke for the government,

“My Lords, I am bound to say that I face making this speech with some trepidation. I had wondered whether we could justify the holding of what is in effect a full debate on this matter; but having seen the audience we have tonight, and indeed having heard the speech of the noble Earl, Lord Clancarty, I can see that that sort of thought would not go down too well”

He then went onto basically debunk the UFO subject, explaining that if we knew more, then we would have rational explanations for all UFO sightings.

The Earl of Cork and Orrey spoke in response to Trefgarnes stance.

“He presumably represents the views of the Party to which I belong. It is a view I wish to disown entirely, because if a Party of any magnitude cannot produce better views than that on a serious subject, I confess I am ashamed of it. If this represents all that the Conservative Party can produce in the way of thinking on what is undoubtedly a serious subject, whatever your opinion about it may be, then this is deplorable.”

The Earl of Kimberley had some interesting points

“It has been reported that the United States and the USSR (Russia) signed a pact in 1971 to swop UFO information, but the pact stated that they were to keep the rest of the world in the dark.”

“Ten Governments now openly admit that UFOs exist and are real: France, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, The Philippines, Peru and Grenada. Other Governments know that UFOs exist but do not admit it publicly.”

The debate was won hands down by the UFO camp; however, the proposals were not acted upon.

You would expect in a democracy, with so many UFO believers in the House of Lords, the subject would have continued to be debated both in the government and the House of Lords. It has never been discussed since. – And we are to believe there is no cover up?

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