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More Alien Implants Removed
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Several weeks ago I wrote about Dr. Roger Leir, an American surgeon who has removed tiny implants from within peoples bodies that are believed to have been put there by aliens.

Of the fifteen patients who have had implants removed, all claim to have been abducted in the past. The items he has removed are typically metallic rods about 7mm in length and the width of a pencil lead. Implants are usually found in the head or neck area, arm, leg or foot. There is never any puncture wound or portal of entry observed with implants, i.e. no evidence of how the implant got into the body, nor is there ever any rejection or inflammatory reaction.

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms, and the atom which is considered the building block of life is carbon. Without carbon there would be no life. Carbon is a very special element because of the way it can bond or link to other atoms. There are thousands of different structures which exist using the carbon atom as the main building block. Most of the substances we know and love have carbon atoms as their back bone, such as carbohydrate, sugar, fatty acids, protein and diamonds. All of these things are made of carbon. All of the cells in our body are held together with molecules comprised mainly of carbon atoms.

We have also used carbon to make non-naturally occurring substances such as polythene and plastic and many others besides these. More recent developments in the use of carbon is in the field of carbon nano-tubes. A carbon nano-tube, like plastic, does not occur in nature, and is a man made structure in which carbon is used in a hexagonal lattice formed into a long tube. These structures have immense strength, can be very long and are 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. There are all kinds of uses that our scientists propose that nano-tubes might be used for in the future, including nanotechnology (i.e. tiny microscopic machines with moving parts), electronics, optics and other fields such as making new stronger materials could all use carbon nano-tubes in the future. However, scientists have not yet developed technology to put the carbon nano-tube to any of these uses.

So what does this chemistry lesson have to do with alien implants? When the most recently removed implant was examined using an electron microcsope, it was found to contain, you guessed it carbon nano-tubes. Not only that, it had biological tissue growing out of the metal and into the patients body. If somebody has a tiny device in their body which contains carbon nano-tubes, then it must have been put there and manufactured by something with intelligence. An intelligence more advanced than our own.

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