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Will Obama be The Disclosure President?
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When will the world be told the truth about UFOs?

A few weeks ago our government released more files about UFOs. These files contain reports made primarily by the public to the Ministry of Defence about seeing strange things in the sky. The files contained about 3,000 reports and cover a period from 1984 to 1992. The government are releasing more batches of these reports over the coming years, and by my reckoning they will have released all files to the current date by around 2010. I suggested in a previous article that after this date, the government may be getting ready to reveal some of what they know about aliens and UFOs.

I am not the only one who believes that deep within government departments, moves are afoot to create a plan for what is commonly termed “Disclosure”. Disclosure would be the revealing of the truth to the people by governments about what they know about the alien and UFO phenomena.

Steve Basset an American UFO researcher believes that Barack Obama will be the “Disclosure President”. Basset also points out that John Podesta has been picked to head Barack Obama's transition team. Podesta was a former White House chief of staff under Clinton, and has previously called for an end to UFO secrecy. Podesta could be a key figure in tipping the balance of opinion within the US government to bring about Disclosure.

Previous Democratic presidents have been more favorable towards disclosing the truth about UFOs, namely, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton.

The fact that the UK, France and Brazil are all releasing their UFO files is also putting pressure on the United States to reveal their secrets.

Steve Basset believes that Disclosure will not be announced by the president or prime minister, but will be announced by a non partisan moderator so as not to over politicise the event. He believes that this will occur at a press conference held in an appropriate place and an announcement will be made along these lines: The U.S. Government has known for over 60 years that we have been engaged by extra terrestrial beings, non human beings from other places. We elected to with-hold that from you and not acknowledge it for national security reasons, but we believe now we can tell you about this and we are doing so today.

If this does occur, it will be the most important event of our lifetimes, and everyone will remember where they were when the information came out.

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