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MOD release More UFO Files
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The Ministry of Defence yesterday released more UFO files on sightings. The release contains reports on UFOs spotted by members of the public and the police from 1986 to 1992, and follows a similar release in May this year covering an earlier period.

The documents are downloadable from the National Archives website and consist of 19 files. Each file contains about 280 pages of reports. This means there are approximately 3,000 individual UFO’s which have been reported to the MOD during that period.

This may or may not seem a lot for a 7 year period, but one needs to bear in mind that probably less than 1% of sightings are actually recorded in this way by the MOD. Many of the incidents can be explained as falling meteors or helicopter lights, but having read many of these documents myself, it is clear that there are inexplicable craft visiting our skies on a regular basis.

One report from September 1986 came from a radar supervisor. It said that the craft was bigger than a jumbo jet, no shape, colour or sound, just a very bright light which accelerated away at 10 nautical miles in 10 seconds. This is a speed of about 4,000 miles per hour from a standing start. Another report described a woman who saw a small triangular glowing craft land in her back garden which left three circular impressions in the grass after it departed.

Richard D. Halls Opinion…

Putting my Ufologist hat on for a moment, I would like to point out a few further things which you will not hear on the BBC news. The MOD are releasing more batches of files in the future, and by my reckoning if they continue releasing 7 years of files every 5 months, they will have released all files to the current date by 2010. The reason they give for releasing the documents is to save time and money. People regularly submit FOI (Freedom of Information) requests for UFO incident details, which apparently creates lots of work for them, and so to get round this they are publishing them all. Here is my opinion: I believe that the government may have a programme whereby they are getting the public ready to tell the real truth about the UFO phenomenon. The releasing of these files serves two purposes, firstly it makes the public more aware of the UFO issue, and each release moves us toward a viewpoint where we are more likely to accept the truth. Secondly, after all the files have been released and the truth comes out, people will not be able to criticise the government for keeping the information secret all these years, the government will just point to the fact that they kindly released the files. I do not believe that all reported incidents are contained within these files; anything conclusive may have been left out. My finishing point to ponder is: does the government have some earth shattering information in store for us in 2010?

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