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How Many People Have Seen UFOs?
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If UFOs exist surely there would be more sightings.

In my daily life, now and again I will bring up the subject of UFOs, mainly out of curiosity to find out peoples general opinion. On many occasions, not only do I hear somebody’s opinion, but quite often people are convinced they have seen a UFO. On each occasion they have never reported it because of fear of ridicule.

Last week I was in the post office buying a local paper to see if an advertisement had been placed about a talk I was giving in Gateshead. An elderly woman behind me in the queue tapped me on the shoulder, “Have you seen one”, her eyes were wide open with anticipation, “Actually I haven’t”, I replied. To which she replied, “I have”. Then she proceeded to tell me about it. “It was in Felling in 1960 and witnessed by 40 people”. She then went onto explain how it was not an aircraft or any kind of natural phenomena, but said that all of the witnesses kept quiet because they were afraid of being made fun of.

At the Gateshead presentation many people approached me afterwards to give me their stories about UFOs. In fact one third of the audience had witnessed a UFO. I received emails from many people and a comment in one of them summed up the feeling of many UFO witnesses. “This is one of many sightings I have seen over the years, from as far back as the 1970s and people laugh at me when I tell them, but I felt quite normal at your meeting”.

I do not imagine that every instance of these sightings is an alien from outer space. Researchers who investigate UFO stories, including the Ministry of Defence can usually find a logical explanation for about 95% of sightings, 5% remain unexplained. In my experience however, for each sighting that is reported there are many that are not.

I will be following up all of the reports given to me at the presentation and reporting in this column any significant findings over the coming weeks. One gentleman claims to have superb unpublished photographs of a UFO, only ever seen by him and his son. I have arranged to meet him this evening to see these photographs.

Next time you are in a pub ask the person next to you if they have ever seen a UFO, you might be surprised. If you have aUFO story I would love to hear it, you can report it by visiting

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