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How Fast Can UFOs Travel?
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How fast can UFOs travel?

In order to answer this question, this week we hear from another Disclosure Project witness. The Disclosure Project is an American non profit group which was set up in the 1990s with the purpose of persuading the U.S. Government to tell the truth about UFOs. This organisation has taken statements from over 450 people who have over the last 50 years worked for the American government in the armed forces and intelligence agencies.

Radar is an extremely reliable system for recording the speed and position of aircraft. It works by sending out a continuous series of pulses through a continuous 360 degree sweep, whilst at the same time receiving reflected pulses from any object that happens to be in the field of view. An entire sweep usually takes about a few seconds. The radar operator can easily calculate an objects speed by comparing the positions of the object on the screen after 2 consecutive sweeps.

In 1958 Harland Bentley worked for the army at a U.S. missile base as a radar operator. One night whilst asleep in his bunk, he heard a noise that sounded like a pulsating transformer,

“I sat up in my bunk and looked out the window. I saw a craft heading for the ground and it crashed. Pieces broke off the craft, and it immediately took off again. The next night I was on radar duty, I get a call from the Gaithersberg missile base. He said ‘hey I got 12 to 15 UFOs outside, 50 to 100 feet above me’. So I asked him, what does it sound like. He took his head mike off and held it out the van window and said, ‘hear’. It was the same sound I heard the previous morning, except a lot more of them. My radar was on standby so I immediately turned it on and got the blip just out side the grounds. I marked it on my radar screen. After a few minutes later all of a sudden they took off, as they took off the sweep came around and hit the blip. When it came around the second time that blip was two thirds of the way off my radar scope. In order to get that far at a constant velocity was 17,000 miles per hour.”

The only known aircraft which can travel at that sort of speed are spacecraft. The space shuttle travels at about 17,000 miles per hour when it re-enters the Earths atmosphere. Without question, in 1958 man did not have any technology capable of traveling anywhere near that speed.

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