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Witness Bob Lazar
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Robert Scott Lazar (January 26, 1959), or Bob Lazar, is owner of a mail-order scientific supply company and claims to be a physicist who worked from 1988 until 1989 at an area he alleges exists called S-4 (Sector Four). He claims that S-4 is situated at the edge of the (dry) Papoose Lake bed, near Groom Lake, Nevada, about 15 miles from Area 51. Lazar claims this area was devoted to the study and back-engineering of extraterrestrial space vehicles. In a series of interviews, he provides supposed details on the origin of the alleged craft and their mode of propulsion.

In November 1989, Lazar appeared in a special interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS to talk about the several aspects and implications of his work at S-4.

Bob Lazar says he was initially introduced to work at S-4 by Dr. Edward Teller. He claims his tasks consisted in the scientific investigation of the propulsion system of one of nine disc-shaped aircraft, as a general part of the ongoing reverse engineering project taking place at S-4.

Lazar claims that he initially thought the saucers were secret, terrestrial aircraft, whose test flights must have been responsible for many UFO reports. However, Lazar stated that, gradually, on closer examination and from having been shown multiple briefing documents, he came to the conclusion that the discs must have been of extraterrestrial origin. In his filmed testimony, Lazar claims that this impression first hit him after he boarded the craft under study and examined their interior.

For the propulsion of these alleged vehicles, Bob Lazar claims that the atomic element 115 served as a nuclear fuel. Element 115 (or ununpentium (Uup)) reportedly provided an energy source which would produce anti-gravity effects under particulate bombardment. Allegedly, the intense strong nuclear force field of element 115's nucleus would be properly amplified, the resulting effect would be a distortion of the surrounding gravitational field, allowing the vehicle to immediately shorten the distance to a charted destination.

Lazar further claimed that he was given introductory briefings describing the historical involvement by extraterrestrial beings with this planet for 10,000 years. He claimed that the beings originated from the Zeta Retuculi 1 & 2 star system and are therefore referred to as Zeta Reticulians, and are what many people refer to as the 'Greys'.

Arguments for and against Lazar's credibility Lazar's claims are considered unreliable by many scientists on the basis that terrestrial experiments that have produced element 115 indicate that it has half-life on the order of seconds rather than years, something that would most likely make the element useless as a fuel source.

Lazar, however, claims that an isotope achievable only under distant stellar formation may be more stable than one resulting from collision of stable elements by conventional means. Lazar claims that advances in nuclear physics may result in a more stable isotope of element 115 being developed.

Lazar says he has degrees from the California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, skeptics report that his name does not appear on the alumni roll of either institution. The yearbooks from that time neither contain identity photos nor other references to Bob Lazar. Lazar alleges this is the result of the government's erasure of his past identity for reasons of secrecy.

In August 1990, reporter George Knapp investigated Robert Lazar's background and was presented with a W-2 tax slip showing payments from the Department of Naval Intelligence, which many claim corroborates Lazar's claim that he worked for the US Navy. Although The Department of Naval Intelligence has not formally existed since World War II, and has since then been known as the Office of Naval Intelligence, there is the possibility that this employer listing on the form could be a typographical error. Another problem with Lazar's story is that his stated income on the form is less than $1,000, which indicates that most likely he was not working in a scientific capacity.

On his commercial United Nuclear website, Bob Lazar writes in the 'about'-section: ''Bob had previously worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (specifically in the Meson Physics facility ), involved with experiments using the 1/2 mile long Linear Particle Accelerator.'' Critics have argued that the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory could not back up this claim: the experimental laboratory denied ever having employed Lazar. Investigative reporter George Knapp, however, found Bob Lazar's name among that of other scientists in the 1982 Los Alamos phone book, indicating Lazar did work there as a technician.

Knapp also dug up a 1982 Los Alamos Monitor news article mentioning '(...)Lazar, a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility(...).'

Current occupation
United Nuclear - Bob Lazar runs United Nuclear, a scientific supply company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. United Nuclear sells a variety of materials including radioactive ores, powerful magnets, scientific curiosities like aerogel, and a variety of lab chemicals. United Nuclear claims ''over 300,000 satisfied customers,'' including law-enforcement agencies, schools, and amateur scientists.

United Nuclear's site also advertises a prototype kit for adapting normal road vehicles to run on hydrogen power. The company says the kits are on hold due to the actions of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Desert Blast
Lazar and Gene Huff also run Desert Blast, an annual festival for ''explodaholics'' in the Nevada desert. Starting in 1987 (but only formally named in 1991, inspired by Desert Storm) the festival features home-made explosives, rockets, jet-powered vehicles, and other pyrotechnics, with the intention of emphasizing the fun aspect of physics.

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