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How does the Cover Up Work?
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How can a secret as big as aliens and UFOs possibly be covered up? This is a question many people ask. I can answer this question with a real life situation which occurred in 1972.

Michel Smith was one of the Disclosure Project witnesses who spoke about his job as an air craft warning operator at a US Air Force base. The Disclosure Project is an organisation which gives legal protection to military and intelligence witnesses in order to allow them to talk about their experiences with UFOs. In 2001 they held a press conference in which witnesses spoke openly about their experiences.

Smith was an Air Craft Control and Warning Operator at Sault Sainte Marie Air Force Station, Michigan. One of his responsibilities was to take phone calls from the police if they needed information on air traffic in the area. It was not possible for the public to contact his post. He was also in contact on a regular basis with the countries central command known as NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command), which is a joint organisation of Canada and the United States that provides aerospace warning and defence for the whole of North America.

In this chain we have the public who can call the police, the police who can call Michael Smith at the Air Force Base, and, Michael Smith who can call NORAD.

Here is some of what Smith had to say,

“In early 1970 I was told that if you see a UFO, you don’t notify NORAD, you don’t write anything down and you keep it to yourself, it’s a need to know basis only.”

“Then NORAD one night called me later in the year to let me know it’s a heads up [heads up is an American term for an advanced warning] there’s a UFO coming up the Californian coast line. I asked them what I should do about this, they said nothing, don’t write it down, it’s just a heads up.”

“Then in late 1972 whilst stationed at Sainte Marie Michigan, I received a couple of panicky calls from police officers who were chasing three UFOs from Mechanar Ridge up by 75. So I immediately checked the RADAR and confirmed that they were there. I called NORAD and they were concerned because they had two inbound B52s. So they diverted them because they didn’t want any proximity of the two. That night I answered many calls from the police department and sheriffs department and my standard response was there is nothing on the RADAR, and I will testify this under oath to a congressional hearing”.

This “chain” of deceit is one of the mechanisms by which the UFO secret is maintained.

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