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Astronaut Believes in UFO cover up
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If I asked you which type of professional you would trust the most, what would you say? Consider the characteristics of an astronaut. They are the successful candidates hand picked from thousands for their intelligence, integrity and trustworthiness, not to mention their skills in flying aircraft. On 23rd July this year respected scientist Dr Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon spoke on a British radio station, here is some of what he said.

“I happen to be privileged to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet. The UFO phenomenon is real although it’s been covered up by governments for quite a long time.” … “It’s been well covered up by all of our governments for the last sixty years or so” … “The Roswell crash was real and a number of other contacts have been real and on going” … “Public awareness is increasing, the public acceptance is increasing” … “I think we’re headed for real disclosure and there’s some very serious organisations heading in that direction” … “They are little people that look strange to us”.

Another respected astronaut, Gordon Cooper wrote a letter to a United Nations representative in 1978, asking for discussions on this subject. Here are some extracts from that letter,

“I wanted to convey to you my views on our extra-terrestrial visitors popularly referred to as ''UFO's'', and suggest what might be done to properly deal with them.” … “I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on earth. I feel that we need to have a top level, coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyse data from all over earth concerning any type of encounter, and to determine how best to interface with these visitors in a friendly fashion.” … “Also, I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them [UFOs], of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe. They were at a higher altitude than we could reach with our jet fighters of that time.” … “There are several of us [astronauts] who do believe in UFO's and who have had occasion to see a UFO on the ground, or from an airplane.”

Clifford Stone who spent 22 years in the U.S. army makes more detailed claims about the alien creatures themselves. He served in an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts. He claims that the U.S. government has a secret publication called “The EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) Guidebook”, which describes in detail the physiology of fifty seven different species of alien. For more information visit my website

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