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Alien Bases on The Moon
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I mentioned last time that I would talk about Disclosure Project witnesses. The Disclosure Project is an American non profit group which was set up in the 1990s with the purpose of persuading the U.S. Government to tell the truth about UFOs. This organisation has taken statements from over 450 people who have over the last 50 years worked for the American government in the armed forces and intelligence agencies.

Karl Wolf was one of these witnesses and his testimony in 2001 was nothing short of earth shattering. This man was not trying to make money, and is a time served U.S. forces professional, thus a highly credible witness. His job in the Air Force was involved with repairing photographic equipment. In 1965 he was assigned to a job which took him to a NASA photographic laboratory where images from the lunar orbiter were being received. The lunar orbiter is a space probe which had been orbiting the moon, sending back detailed photographic images of the moon back to earth. Now, from earth we only ever see one side of the moon, this is due to the way the moon rotates always presenting the same face towards the earth. Hence from earth there is an entire side of the moon that we never see, ever. Here is a quote from Karl Wolf about his visit to the lab in 1965,

I was interested in how the whole process functioned, how the data got from the lunar orbiter to the laboratory, I asked the young man if hed describe the process to be, he did. About thirty minutes into the process he said to me, in a very distressed way, by the way we have discovered a base on the back side of the moon. And then he proceeded to put photographs down in front of me and clearly in these photographs were structures, mushroom shaped buildings, spherical buildings and towers. And at that point I was very concerned because I knew we were working in compartmentalized security.

I remember going home and naively thinking I cant wait to hear about this on the evening news, and here it is more than thirty years later and I hope we hear about it tonight and I will testify under oath before congress.

This is not the only testimony of strange things being seen on the back side of the moon. It is rumoured that when Neil Armstrong (the first man on the moon) witnessed the far side of the moon, he reported seeing extremely large UFO craft parked on the side of a crater.

I believe that large UFO craft that have been witnessed in our skies all over the world are kept in an area on the back side of our moon. For more information and details of my new DVD visit

Richard D. Hall

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